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The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church is an indispensable guide to all aspects of the Christian Church. It contains 6000 A-Z entries offering unrivalled coverage from theology and the Bible to the church calendar and its organization. This revision of the Third Edition (1997) features new coverage of recent developments including the Church of England's new prayer book and ecumenical advances and mergers. Containing new articles on subjects such as Desmond Tutu and updated articles reflecting new understanding on topics like the Holy Sepulchre the ODCC is a uniquely authoritative and wide-ranging reference book. Established since its first appearance in 1957 as an essential resource for ordinands clergy and members of religious orders; ODCC is an invaluable tool for academics teachers and students of church history and theology as well as for the general reader. THEOLOGY - the development of doctrines throughout the ages with their philosophical background and the different traditions of the major Churches - spirituality and heresy - history of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation PATRISTIC SCHOLARSHIP: Fathers of the Church on whose work later theology is founded are covered in detail for example - the Nag Hammadi papyri and their significance for our understanding of Gnosticism - the problems of Marcarius of Egypt and Macarius/Simeon are explored - the recently discovered sermons of Augustine are mentioned with their places of publication listed CHURCHES AND DENOMINATIONS - the beliefs and structures of both the mainstream and lesser-known denominations such as Amish Muggletonians Shakers and Wee Frees - lengthy articles on the history of Christianity throughout the world in countries such as Angola Canada Ireland New Zealand the Philippines Poland Spain the United States Vietnam and Zaire THE CHURCH CALENDAR AND ORGANIZATION - feast and saints' days - Sacraments - church services offices rites and practices - canon law including Catholic revision - councils and synods - religious orders THE BIBLE - individual Biblical Books - major figures from Abraham Moses and King David to St Paul and the Evangelists - schools of Biblical criticism and entries on their chief exponents BIOGRAPHICAL ENTRIES - these are wide ranging and include saints popes patriarchs and archbishops - emperors kings and other rulers - mystics heretics and reformers - theologians and philosophers with a summary of their opinions - artists poets and musicians