mode MONS: The Retreat to Victory (Paperback) by Terraine John YKhwFH6L

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The Battle of Mons takes its place in the history of the British army beside Corunna and Dunkirk. Initially all three were defeats saved from disaster by the courage of the soldiers and the skill of some of the commanders and paving the way to great feats of arms and final success. In the context of the whole of the WW1 Mons was a small scale affair; comparatively short in duration and resulting in casualties that were light indeed by the standard of later battles. But from the British viewpoint its importance was crucial partly because it was the first time for close on a hundred years that a British Army had been engaged in warfare on the continent of Europe and partly because that army passed straight from the dejection of defeat to the exhilaration of the Battle of the Marne - one of the decisive battles of the War.