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Fact collides with fiction in Will Adams third pulse-pounding adventure featuring the enigmatic Daniel Knox. Twenty years after vanishing without a trace French archaeologist Roland Petitier makes a dramatic reappearance at a major Athens conference promising an astonishing find - the legendary Golden Fleece. But before he can give his talk he's found dead in a hotel room; and an out-of-control policeman puts Petitier's onetime protege Augustin Pascal into intensive care then later accuses him of Petitier's murder. Only Augustin's two closest friends Daniel Knox and Gaille Bonnard can prove his innocence. However rumours of the fleece's rediscovery have spread and. ambitious Georgian oligarch Nergadze is determined to get it first. He sends his psychopathic grandson Mikhail to Athens with orders to bring it back. Mikhail quickly becomes convinced that Dan Knox has it and slowly moves in for the kill...