klassisk Simon says (Paperback) by Gothard Daniel 1iW2PCjY

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Simon Templar is a saint. Or at least he was named after one by his amused but bemusing parents. However Simon is far removed from his suave and heroic namesake. Slightly hapless occasionally hopeless and prone to being chased by angry strangers he is the only everyman who doesn't fit. When his drunken father-in-law divulges a shocking truth about the love of Simon's life and takes away his hope of happiness it would seem the world is determined to always kick him where it hurts.Yet in the aftermath of this revelation Simon is determined to rebuild his life hope and dreams. Or at least have a life hope and dreams. With the support of his best buddy Sean and a dating frenzy that would put a lothario to shame (albeit a not particularly successful lothario) Simon goes on a journey of self-discovery looking to love again forgive mistakes and finally understand the true meaning of FUBAR.A wonderful bittersweet comedy of love life and longing and the perfect read for any rom-com fan.