klassisk An Introduction to Clouds: From the Microscale to Climate (Hardcover) by Lohmann Ulrike Luond Felix Mahrt Fabian 5tJXeCtc

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An Introduction to Clouds provides a fundamental understanding of clouds ranging from cloud microphysics to the large-scale impacts of clouds on climate. On the microscale phase changes and ice nucleation are covered comprehensively including aerosol particles and thermodynamics relevant for the formation of clouds and precipitation. At larger scales cloud dynamics mid-latitude storms and tropical cyclones are discussed leading to the role of clouds on the hydrological cycle and climate. Each chapter ends with problem sets and multiple choice questions that can be completed online and important equations are highlighted in boxes for ease of reference. Combining mathematical formulations with qualitative explanations of underlying concepts this accessible book requires relatively little previous knowledge making it ideal for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in atmospheric science environmental sciences and related disciplines.