elegant Synesthetic Legalities by Marusek Sarah HK7GBnW1

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Synesthesia is the phenomenon where sensual perceptions are joined together as a combined experience - that is the ability to feel color hear the visual or even smell emotion. These types of unions expand the normativity of our legal thinking as the abilities to represent the tethering of emotion place and concept to law are magnified. In this way interpretations of law and legal phenomena that are enriched with embodied meaning contribute to our understanding of how law works - namely through sensory input sensory output and the attachment that happens within these sensory unions. This edited volume explores the richly complex manifestations of synesthesia and law drawing from a plurality of approaches including legal studies philosophy social science linguistics history cultural studies and the humanities. Contributions in the volume discuss how we feel/taste/smell/see/hear law within the synesthetic scope of legal interpretation legal consciousness and legal culture. The collection examines aspects of embodiment place and presence that constitutively frame law amidst social cultural and historical contexts.