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Arising from firm foundations laid by mathematical population genetics clinical genetics and statistical epidemiology genetic epidemiology attempts to identify the many components of risk attributable to genes environments and interactions and the course of its research can follow many diverse paths. In Genetic Epidemiology the success of genome-wide association studies in their identification of hundreds of disease susceptibility loci has inspired renowned experts to contribute thorough methodologies which aim to bring together bioinformaticians geneticists clinicians statisticians and epidemiologists in the study of this vital field. The volume opens with chapters covering the basics; however it quickly moves on to coverage of more specialist topics such as twin studies Mendelian randomization genetic association studies more advanced areas as well as case studies. As a part of the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology(TM) series this work provides the detailed description of the application and analysis of the most commonly employed methods that are necessary for a firm grounding in the field. Authoritative and cutting-edge Genetic Epidemiology aims to provide a basic framework for crucial interdisciplinary communication and understanding suited to newcomers to the field as well as experienced researchers and graduate level students.