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Hydrogeology: Principles and Practice provides acomprehensive introduction to the study of hydrogeology to enablethe reader to appreciate the significance of groundwater in meetingcurrent and future water resource challenges. This new edition hasbeen thoroughly updated to reflect advances in the field since2004. The book presents a systematic approach to understandinggroundwater. Earlier chapters explain the fundamental physical andchemical principles of hydrogeology and later chapters featuregroundwater investigation techniques in the context of catchmentprocesses as well as chapters on groundwater quality andcontaminant hydrogeology. Unique features of the book are chapterson the applications of environmental isotopes and noble gases inthe interpretation of aquifer evolution and on regionalcharacteristics such as topography compaction and variable fluiddensity in the explanation of geological processes affecting pastpresent and future groundwater flow regimes. The last chapterdiscusses groundwater resources and environmental management andexamines the role of groundwater in integrated river basinmanagement including an assessment of possible adaptationresponses to the impacts of climate change. Throughout the text boxes and a set of colour plates drawn fromthe authors teaching and research experience are used toexplain special topics and to illustrate international case studiesranging from transboundary aquifers and submarine groundwaterdischarge to the over-pressuring of groundwater in sedimentarybasins. The appendices provide conversion tables and usefulreference material and include review questions and exerciseswith answers to help develop the reader s knowledge andproblem-solving skills in hydrogeology. This accessible textbook is essential reading for undergraduate andgraduate students primarily in earth sciences environmentalsciences and physical geography with an interest in hydrogeology orgroundwater science. The book will also find use amongpractitioners in hydrogeology soil science civil engineering andplanning who are involved in environmental and resource protectionissues requiring an understanding of groundwater. Additional resources can be found at: