Seneste stilarter The Darkness of Glass (Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Who Adventures) (Audio CD) by Richards Justin nU4zDEIp

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This range of two-part audio dramas stars Tom Baker reprising his most popular role as the Fourth Doctor (from 1974 - 1981) with a number of his original TV companions. Cut off from the TARDIS the Doctor and Leela find themselves stranded on a small island. But they are not alone. It is 1907 and members of the Caversham Society have gathered on the hundredth anniversary of the death of Mannering Caversham the greatest Magic Lanternist who ever lived. But Caversham was also a supernaturalist who claimed to have conjured up a demon from the depths of hell. As people start to die the Doctor begins to wonder if Caversham's story might have more than a grain of truth in it. Can the Doctor and Leela discover what really happened to Caversham a century ago? And if they do will they live to tell the tale...? The fourth series in a Big Finish range which is hugely popular with fans of the classic TV series Doctor Who. Writer Justin Richards has not only written Big Finish scripts and BBC novels but is the writer behind The Invisible Detective children's books. As well as Doctor Who Louise Jameson has been seen in Bergerac Eastenders and many other UK shows. Cast: Tom Baker (The Doctor) Louise Jameson (Leela) Mark Lewis Jones (Professor Oliver Mortlake) Julian Wadham (Joseph Holman) Sinead Keenan (Mary Summersby) Rory Keenan (David Lacey).