Salg The Oor Wullie Notebook: A Notebook Full of Wullie's Favourite Sayings and Iconic Pictures of Wullie Throughout (Hardcover) by Oor Wullie 13X7iYbk

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Oor Wullie is Scotland's favourite boy with his trademark spiky hair dungarees and an upturned bucket which he often uses as a seat. As his fans know Wullie has been with us for the past 75 years and Wullie normally finishes each strip with him sitting on his upturned bucket imparting a thought or wisdom to his readers on his day or story. The frequent tagline on the strip is 'Oor Wullie

Your Wullie

A'body's Wullie

' (Our Willie

Your Willie

Everybody's Willie

). Created by D C Thomson editor R D Low and drawn by cartoonist Dudley D Watkins today he is drawn by Peter Davidson. This notebook contains some of Oor Wullie's favourite sayings and thoughts and is illustrated with single cells taken from the strip. Notebook pages are printed pale cream with light blue lines. The perfect notebook for any fan of Oor Wullie. 'Oor Wullie' was launched in 1936 in The Sunday Post in Scotland and is still going strong. The Sunday Post's readership covers all generations.