Online engros A Place-Based Perspective of Food in Society (Hardcover) by Fitzpatrick Kevin M. Willis Don H06uMJst

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This book provides an outstanding collection of interdisciplinary and international essays examining the food-place relationship. It explores such topics as the history of food and agriculture the globalization and localization of food and the role of place in defining not only the how why when and with whom we eat but the broader societal consequences of this ever-changing phenomena. With the interdisciplinary nature of this volume comes a multitude of perspectives on what those broader social consequences are how they came to be and what ought to be done to solve those issues we find most pressing such as the global food crisis. While the specific angle each author takes on these issues may differ in some instances each of them share an acute recognition of the interplay between food and place and how that relationship becomes crucial for comprehending the problems we face and in turn what the proper solutions may be.