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Feely volunteers to look after the class goldfish Henry The First. The Pink Clicks say it's a mistake and Feely should not be allowed to look after the fish. Saffron says Feely will kill it with her breath. Unfortunately for Feely (and the fish) Saffron has the power of prophecy...Warning - rather a lot of goldfish are harmed in the writing of this book. Meet Phoebe Dorcas Tonks a brutally honest clever young lady who is permanently annoyed at the world. Phoebe or Feely for short lives with her useless Mum and Dad - they're worse than having a single parent. Even at the best of times they only add up to three fifths of a decent parent. And then there's Feely's older brother Oliver. He's too big to live in a small house and his feet smell. It's like having a kitten - cute but then it grows up into a normal boring cat and just lolls about the place stinking up the place. The Feely Tonks books are perfect for readers with an interest age of 7 - 12 years and a reading age of 8 - 9 years.