Meget godt materiale Benny the Blenny's Shallow Sea Adventure: I'm a Real Fish That Lives in the Sea Around Britain: Come and See How I'm Adapted to My Habitat and Meet My ... (Benny the Blenny's Underwater Adventures) (Paperback) by Naylor Teresa Naylor Paul 2EwpA97I

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Product Description:

This unique book introduces children to the beautiful and often unexpected undersea world around British coasts. Far too many people regard our seas as 'grey and uninteresting' but using a wonderful blend of entertainment and education Benny the tompot blenny puts them right. If you thought a fish couldn't be charismatic think again

Along with stunning photography by Paul Naylor (author of 'Great British Marine Animals') Benny tells you all about his life in the sea just beyond our beaches. He introduces you to his neighbours: crabs starfish sea snails barnacles sea anemones squat lobsters seals cuttlefish gobies and many other fish. Fact boxes reveal how Benny and his neighbours are adapted to their habitat how they find food and avoid being food for someone else. Biodiversity adaptation variation reproduction food chains and food webs are included to support science at KS2 level. There are even intriguing examples of symbiotic relationships camouflage and photosynthesis. Benny also tells you something about the SCUBA divers who come to visit him. The photographs in the book appeal to all ages while the text is written for 7-11 year olds.