Meget behagelig Apothecary Cocktails: Restorative Drinks from Yesterday and Today (Spiral-bound) by Bobrow Warren hpTru9Gn

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At the turn of the century pharmacies in Europe and America prepared homemade tinctures bitters and herbal remedies mixed with alcohol for curative benefit for everything from poor digestion to the common cold. Today trendy urban bars such as Apothke in New York Apo Bar & Lounge in Philadelphia and 1022 South in Portland as well as 'vintage' and 'homegrown' cocktail aficionados find inspiration in apothecary cocktails of old. Now you can too

Apothecary Cocktails features 75 traditional and newly created recipes for medicinally-themed cocktails. Learn the history of the top ten apothecary liqueurs bitters and tonics that are enjoying resurgence at trendy bars and restaurants including Peychaud's Bitters Chartreuse and Vermouth. Find out how healing herbs flowers and spices are being given center stage in cocktail recipes and traditional apothecary recipes and ingredients are being resurrected for taste and the faint promise of a cure. Once you've mastered the history you can try your hand at reviving your favorites: restoratives sedatives and toddys digestifs and more. Whether you're interested in the history the recipes or both you'll love flipping through this beautifully presented book that delves into the world of apothecary cocktails.