Farverig, elegant Falling For Wonderlust by Williams Le Cerf Jane uAIVyfmi

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Product Description:

Vivienne Lawrence is catapulted into the world of the rich and famous when she takes on a job as Personal Assistant to an extremely wealthy French aristocrat the Comtesse Celeste Laisalle. Falling For Wonderlust recounts Vivienne's exploits set against an exotic backdrop of excessive wealth and glamorous locations. But it is also a tale of personal development and self-knowing. Enjoy exploring the transition from normal everyday living to moving in the circles of the rich and famous and having an almost limitless amount of money to spend but there is a different price to be paid which becomes apparent as the story unfolds. Falling For Wonderlust will transport the reader into a fantasy world of opulence and decadence set against a backdrop of luxury living in different European cities a real chocolate box of delights and escapism. But it becomes apparent that money doesn't perhaps guarantee happiness and people will be people however much wealth they have. The complex relationships between the main characters adds a frisson that will keep the reader transfixed to the last page.