Eksport Ethical Efficiency: Responsibility and Contingency (Cognitive Science: Responsible Research and Innovation) (Hardcover) by Lenoir Virgil Cristian KszMvHu8

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Practical and conceptual the Responsible Research and Innovation set of books contributes to the clarification of this new requirement for all sciences and technological innovation. It covers the multiple and international responsibilities by using various philosophical resources mostly discussing the following topics: ethics contingency normative economy freedom corporate social responsibility (CSR) participative technological evaluation sustainable development geoengineering the precautionary principle standards interdisciplinarity and climate management. The ethics of efficiency must be considered with regard to the logic of action or to economic political legal or scientific systems. This book presents a question on the central theme of responsible research and innovation (RRI) which has an ethical influence on effective logics. The issue is to question the opportunity and modularities of an ethical effective influence on the logics of efficiency of research and innovation. From the distinction of efficiency and effectiveness lies the problem of efficacy the ethical accord between the two. Thus appears the possibility of taking effective responsibility with respect to systematic injustices potentially linked to this efficiency. This book proposes categories to understand the ethical implications of research and innovation processes under the aspect of their efficacy